Helene’s Famous Cookies

Helene’s Famous Cookies

We love Helene’s Famous Cookies, not only because they include our deliciously coconut candies but also because they have this beautiful light brown color, combine the sweet tastes of Vanilla, Chocolate and Coconut into one perfect little treat and bring back memories of the good old childhood times. Ready for a sweet treat that is hard to resist?…

Tecas cassava pie

Teca’s Cassava Pie

Another one of Teca’s amazing Polynesian recipes we had to share. This Cassava Pie is so amazing, it even made us consider to farm Cassava in the future! Make sure to give this one a try!  Cassava (Tapioca) Pie Ingredients: 2 Cups Fresh Grated Tapioca Root 1 Can Coconut Milk 1 Cup sugar 1 -8oz…

Tekas chicken curry

Teca’s Chicken Curry

If you had a look at our team page you have seen how proud we are to had Teca join us at Hawaiian Heritage Farms. Teca does not only share her sunny spirit with us but also her amazing Polynesian Recipes and we simply have to share a couple of them with you (stay tuned,…