Questions we Frequently get Asked

No. We do not use any peanuts, or products containing peanuts.
Yes. We use locally grown Maui macadamia nuts, which are tree nuts.
We hand make our products in small batches and do not use stabilizers or added preservatives. For this reason you may notice that our 'sell by' date is not as long as some large companies. Our macadamia brittle has a 'sell by' date of 5 weeks from manufacture date. Our coconut candy and chips has a 60-day 'sell by' date and our roasted macadamia nut products a 90-day 'sell by' date. Of course, you can enjoy fhem or much longer if the products are kept air-tight and refrigerated or frozen.
This is a food-grade silica gel packet to help keep our products fresh in our Hawaiian humidity and moisture. It is orderless and harmless.
The FDA has a small business exemption for nutritional labeling which is based on the volume of products made. This helps small businesses introduce products and grow without the additional financial hardship of product testing and re-labeling. We hope to add nutritional facts in the next coming year or so, as our business grows.
No. This is the address of the kitchen we use to make our products. However, you may purchase our products at one of our authorized retail vendor locations, or directly from us at the Maui Swap Meet each Saturday morning (booth #632).
Yes. We ship throughout the United States and its territories, including Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands via Priority Mail.
It is possible to ship to other countries. However, International Priority Mail service is costly and shipping cost depend on destination country, weight of box being shipped, distance of travel and customs/duties fees if applicable. Please contact us for an overseas shipping quote.
Do you have a question too? Contact us any time and we will get back to you as soon as we can.