We settled in Maui in 2001 and have called it home ever since. Hard work, the close-knit community ties of small, rural towns, and farming have shaped what we do and who we are.

Thanks to our mentor George Kaahumoku Jr., we’ve learned about cultivating native plants, teas, and coffees, and we will add Waiehu coffee, coffee cherry tea, and loose leaf mamaki tea to our product selection by the end of 2016. We’ve also been experimenting with using Hawaiian breadfruit to create new gluten-free recipes.

Our business and our lives are enriched by interaction with our customers, and their feedback has allowed us to expand our product line and add a new dimension of flavor to our coconut and macadamia nut snacks. Farming and producing local products is a journey that we’re excited to share with you.


Originally from Fiji, Teca made Maui her home in 2003. We met Teca and her family in 2010 after moving to the old taro farm. She’s our neighbor and has become a friend over the years. A wonderful cook, she shares her Polynesian cooking and knowledge of local food crops with us on a regular basis. Teca joined our Hawaiian Heritage Farms ohana just this year. We are proud to have her as our team member as we grow our candy company.