Welcome to Hawaiian Heritage Farms new online home

A new home for Hawaiian Heritage Farms

We aren’t going to move around much when it come to our farm grounds but sometimes a move and a breeze of freshness isn’t a bad thing. And so we felt that our online presence (and actually our whole branding) needed a bit of a lift.

We are excited to welcome you to our new online – home and our new vintage inspired Hawaiian Heritage Farms look and feel.

New Branding for Hawaiian Heritage Farms

Yes, you have noticed it already? Our products have gotten a new look as well and we hope you like it. But even if you don’t (really?), don’t worry, all our original recipes will stay the same, we will continue to make and carry Auntie Jeannie’s coconut candy and your other valued products with love.

But… we have added a few new products to our line and have some more on the back burner as well. So stay tune for new tasty treats to come and for our updates on our newest developments and we can not wait to hear how you like them!

In the mean time a huge thanks to Brandtuitives for the new site, logos and labels. We even somewhat enjoyed getting our picture taken 😉

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